Hi-Tech Operation Theatre

Salient Features of Our Operation Theatre

Laud Clinic Operation theater.


  • Custom built Modern Laminar airflow system to control and maintain positive pressure and humidity control throughout the surgery using multilevel HEPA filters.
  • Scientifically constructed to give 150 feet per minute air velocity with Vertical laminarity and without air turbulence, the system allows 75 air exchanges per hour in operation theatre. Internal positive pressure within the operation theatre above atmospheric pressure prevents external air contamination.
  • Anti -bacterial, anti fungal and anti static operation theatre floor and walls, fully electronic remote-controlled OT table with independently mounted LED lights for illumination.
  • Imported Fumigation machine (Cyclone, Dyna-Fog Ltd., USA) which creates 20 micron particle fog of fumigant solution is used for thorough and extremely effective fumigation of the operation theatre
  • Equipment includes IR controlled Computer assisted Navigation System (Brainlab, Germany ) for Computer assisted Joint Replacement surgeries, Advanced image intensifier unit (IITV),Allengers Medical Systems, Battery operated and pneumatic drill-saw-reamer systems-Stryker USA & AO Switzerland, Microaire Pulse lavage system USA, Patient warmer unit, Completely independent anesthesia module with ventilation, NIBP, Cardiogram monitor & Defibrillator.
  • Standard Infection control protocols include Autoclaving of all instruments and equipment maintaining strict 60 TO 70 min cycles at 134 degree Celsius, Ultrasonic washing system – cleansing cycle using Gigazyme (Enzymatic cleaning solution, Schulke & Mayr GmBH Germany), Packaging using Sterilization reels (Steripack, PMS Healthcare Technologies ,Germany), Ultraviolet light purified water supply (Alpha UV Systems) & Impermeable surgical gowns with additional sterile inner plastic apron (Surgiwear) to prevent strikethrough contamination.
  • All replacement surgeries are performed with the entire surgical team (including scrub Nurses) wearing exhaust body suits (Stryker, USA) with disposable hoods for infection prevention.
  • Regular monthly auditing and checking of entire sterility process viz bacteriological count, air particle count, autoclave efficiency testing & water culture for pathogens from an independent external agency (Micromed India).