Why to Choose Us

Where Expertise and Specialization blend with Care and Compassion.

Our entire team at Laud clinic including our Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Non- medical support staff have been exclusively focused on treating patients with a variety of Orthopaedic conditions over the past 45 years.

This translates that whether you come here for a Hip/Knee replacement surgery or a Complex surgery for an fracture, your care will come from an experienced specialist in the field. Long before it became in vogue, our founder Dr N S Laud set a precedent by creating specialized departments of Arthroplasty, Trauma & Reconstructive surgery, Hand Surgery, Spine and Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Surgery. This foresight has made Laud Clinic a centre of excellence, assuring superlative treatment and patient satisfaction over the past 4 decades.

Joint Replacement OT

Safety is our priority

As one of the leading centres in the field of Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement Surgery) in India, you receive the latest updated safety protocols & medical practices when you visit Laud Clinic.

Joint Replacement Mumbai

Our exceptional standards for improved Outcome include:

  • Routine use of Exhaust body suits/Space suits for all Joint replacement surgeries by ALL the staff participating in the surgery.
  • The state of art OT with Laminar Air Flow System with Positive pressure inside the Theatre.
  • Computer Assisted Navigation system to improve surgical accuracy so you can be assured of reduced need for revision surgery.
  • Our entire team follows our principle of “Get it right the first time”.

Individualized care

Every patient is unique with a different response to Surgery and different speed of recovery and rehabilitation. At Laud Clinic, all our patients can experience tailor-made protocols right from admission, pre-operative planning, assessment for surgery, recovery, and discharge. Over the years, we have evolved our techniques which provide customized multimodal & titrated post-operative pain relief and the latest in the field of Thromboembolism to minimize blood clots and other complications, thereby speeding up recovery times and also reducing or eliminating the need for strong analgesics.

Advanced training & fellowship programs. This is a “Treasure” we are proud of!

Just as Good Teachers bring out the best in students Laud Clinic has over the past 2 decades trained over 100 Orthopaedic Surgeons in the nuances of primary and revision Joint replacement surgery from all over India. “Laud Clinic Fellows”- These brilliant Young Men- are our extended family who continues to carry the training, principles and ethos of Laud clinic to further heights and distances than we ever envisioned.

Our patients speak

Nothing better than to hear it from those who’ve been here- Don’t take our word for it, Laud Clinic patients report high ratings for both the Hospital and individual doctors and our nursing staff. Google us for reviews and testimonials.