Hip Replacement in AVN
May 3, 2020
Complex Re-Revision Hip Replacement
May 3, 2020
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Coxafemoral Bypass

71 year old lady had a fall in her bathroom and had fracture of her right hip. She was had other medical issues like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and an Angioplasty done few years before.

Xray showed Right Hip(Intertrochanteric Neck Femur) Fracture.

She was admitted to Laud Clinic and Coxa-femoral Bypass Surgery was done after optimising her medical problems.

After surgery, on the same night itself she started to move her legs, and the very next day she started to walk with her full weight on her legs with a walker for balance.

In the couple of days following the surgery our team of expert Physiotherapists trained her in the clinic to walk, sitting on chair / commode and was Discharged home walking with a walker for balance. After 2 weeks stiches were removed and after 6 weeks she was to let go of her walker and use a Stick for balance and by end of 2 months she walks near normal without any support

Now she is 84 years old  & enjoying her pain-free hips by going for a morning walk every day with her grandchildren.