Hip Replacement in AVN

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May 3, 2020
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May 3, 2020
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Hip Replacement in AVN

AVN  is death of bone tissue due to stoppage of the blood supply leading to joint pain. Most common causes include – prior injury/fractures, Steroids, Alcoholism, Blood disorders like Sickle cell.

This 52 year old gentleman who was a executive at a prominent IT company in Mumbai came to Laud clinic with severe pain in both hips due to AVN. He was having difficulty at his job because he couldn’t work for long hours at office due to the pain.

Xray showed changes of AVN in both hips significant damage to the ball of the hips.

He was started on medical and exercises and advised the need for Total Hip replacement.

We at Laud clinic did both his Hip replacement surgeries with Imported Ceramic Implants.

Now he is able to walk , climb stairs , sits for hours & rides 2 wheeler and car comfortably without and difficulty/pain.He goes to work daily using Mumbai local train comfortably.

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