Primary & Complex Hip Replacement Surgery

Having performed over 8000 hip replacement surgeries Dr Bhende is known to be one of the most meticulous surgeons for Hip replacement in our country.

Over the past 20 yrs he has alleviated pain and suffering of a large number of patients who were unable to even walk comfortably at home. With emphasis on soft tissue balancing and implant longevity he is one of the authorities on Hip Replacement Surgery in India. Over the past decade, Dr Bhende has been instrumental in using the latest Ceramic Hip replacement system (Biolox Delta) and producing excellent long term results. read more

How painful is a hip replacement?

Overall, the “Experience of Surgery” for the patient is NOT as bad as many patients are made to believe by their so called “social acquaintances” or “well-wishing Relatives”! During surgery patient will be given Spinal/Half Anaesthesia. So, he/she will be totally numb below the waist and will not experience any pain After surgery, pain is 90% controlled with many advanced multi-modal techniques like Pre-Emptive analgesia, Peri-articular infiltration, Epidural Infusion pumps, Adductor Canal Infusion pumps, Intravenous Infusion Pumps, Intravenous & oral analgesics. Patients can be made to stand and walk the next day with minimal pain. Hip replacement patients report little to no pain around the 2-6 week mark.

How long does it take to recover from a hip replacement?

Patient starts walking the very next day of surgery putting equal load on both the legs with the help of walker for balance. After 10-14 days, the patient can leave the walker and use a stick for balance for next 3-4 weeks. Be from the surgery if they are confident patient can walk free without any support. Beyond this they can walk without support. Post 6-8 weeks of surgery patient can go back to their jobs.

When can I join my Office ? How much leave should I apply for from office ?

Normally we tell the patients to take a leave of absence for 6-8 weeks from Office, for the surgery and recovery.

What things should you never do after hip replacement?

There are some restrictions for first 6-8 weeks after surgery during which capsule and muscles around hip are healing. During this time it is not advisable to sleep on side or sit on a low chair. After 6-weeks risk of dislocation decreases significantly.

Patients are advised to NOT to do the following after Hip Replacement:
use Indian Toilet/Commode.
Impact Activities/Contact Sports like Football/Rugby/Martial Art.
Even though the movements required for the sitting on the ground/Indian Toilet /Sitting cross legged ARE POSSIBLE after hip replacement and many of our patients are able to do the above activities ,We don’t recommend them because, putting the hip repeatedly in such positions may lead to early implant loosening and dislocation.

How far should I be walking after hip replacement?

There is no limit for Walking after Hip replacement. Patient can walk, go up and down stairs as much as they desire to do, their physical ability is the limiting factor. They can travel by train, Flight, autorickshaw, car, Bus, 2-wheeler.

How can I speed up my hip replacement recovery?

Exercises taught at our clinic by expert physiotherapist and Walking are the keys to recovery after Hip replacement. More the patient does the above faster the recovery.

Do you need physiotherapy at home after surgery?

You DON NOT need special physiotherapy at home after surgery. Exercises taught at the clinic and Walking are the keys to recovery after Hip replacement for first 6-8 weeks. Patient normally does not need any further physiotherapist at home in most of the cases.

What is the best exercise after total hip replacement?

Walking is the best exercises after Hip replacement, rest of the exercises will be taught to the patient at the clinic by expert Physiotherapist before discharge.

How long after hip replacement can you climb stairs?

Stair climbing is taught to the patient before discharge from the hospital mostly after 2-3 days of surgery.

Can I have normal sexual intercourse after Hip replacement?

Yes, patients Gents & Ladies can do normal sexual intercourse after Total Hip Replacement Surgery ( Allowed usually 3 months after the surgery.)

Can I have normal Child birth after Hip Replacement ?

Ladies can undergo normal delivery after Total Hip Replacement Surgery. Risk of dislocation of artificial hip joint is usually low , unless excessive rotation of hip is attempted during labour. Some of our young female patients who operated in their 20’s had normal delivery after Hip replacement surgery without any issues.

Can I have MRI scan after Hip replacement?

Hip Replacement Implants used in our clinic are MRI compatible and so you can have MRI scan of the operated hip or any other body part after Total Hip Replacement.

When can I drive a Car after Hip Replacement?

U can start driving a car after 6-8 weeks of surgery.

Can I drive a 2 wheeler after Hip Replacement ?

Yes you may be allowed to drive a 2 wheeler after 2-3 months of surgery.

Can I play recreational Sports after Hip replacement ?

You can play non-impact sports like table tennis, badminton, tennis (doubles preferably), cricket, rowing, swimming, cycling etc. Impact Sports like football, rugby or Martial Arts are best avoided.

Can I travel by Public transport after Hip Replacement Surgery ?

Yes you allowed to travel by Taxi, Train, Autorickshaw, Flight, Bus & Boat after Hip Replacement.

Will I be stopped at the Airport for Metal Implant in the Hip ?

Yes the Hip replacement Implant will be detected at the Airport Security . Don’t worry, as after your surgery, you will be given a Metal Detector Certificate Card(Like an ATM Card) which you can show to Airport Authorities and will be allowed to travel without issues. We also recommend you to carry along with you a small copy of the Hip X ray taken at the clinic which has your name, Hospital details, Hospital No, and your Doctor’s name on it.

Can I play recreational Sports after Hip replacement ?

You can play non-impact sports like table tennis, badminton, tennis (doubles preferably), cricket, rowing, swimming, cycling etc. Impact Sports like football, rugby or Martial Arts are best avoided.

Can I do Gym after Hip replacement?

Yes you can join Gym after Hip Replacement surgery, Patients are advised to avoid Impact Aerobic Exercises like Zumba and deep Squats.

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