Knee Replacement in a Severely Deformed Knees by Dr Harish Bhende, Mumbai
May 2, 2020
Knee replacement for a lady with old Nail inside the Femur (Thigh Bone) on the same side.
May 3, 2020
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Knee Replacement in Severely Bent Knee (Varus)

60 year old housewife came to our clinic with severe pain & limping and severely bent knee deformity(Varus). She was walking with the support of walker in her house.

She was advised Knee replacement by many orthopaedic doctors but was hesitant to do it partly because of fear of surgery and partly because she had nobody to look after her as her son was working in USA. After seeing her elder sister got operated at our clinic and had was walking well and doing all activites without any difficulty. She finally decided to come to laud clinic for surgery .She wanted to do the surgery when  her son comes to India on leave.

Xrays showed severe Arthritis of knee with sidewise shifting of Tibia(leg bone) and severely bent (Varus) Knee.

She was evaluated with for fitness for surgery and given date for surgery as per her choice .She had her knee replacement surgery done at Laud Clinic.

With the help of our Computer Assisted Navigation System we could accurately realign her knee with 0.5 degree accuracy.

Now she knee has become straight and she walks comfortably . She later went to USA to see her grandchildren.