Knee Replacement in a Severe Obese Patient
May 3, 2020
Infected old Knee Replacement – 2 stage Revision Knee Replacement
May 3, 2020
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Revision Knee Replacement

64 year old housewife had a knee replacement surgery done elsewhere for her knee pain. After 2 years she started having knee pain and difficulty in walking again. During the next year her pain increased and she visited Laud clinic as she was unable to walk with that leg.

Xray showed signs of loosening of the old Implant.

Clinical Examination showed Laxity of her operated Knee Joint.

Revision (Redo) surgery was done at the laud Clinic. The old Implants were removed new Revision Implants with long rod for better anchorage were used.

She started to walk the next day after surgery and discharged home walking.

Now she walks comfortably, bends the knee well &  can sit cross-legged with ease.

She does all the activities at home & goes regularly to market and her mandir.