Geriatric Fracture Care

A hip fracture is a serious injury, with complications that can be life-threatening. The risk of hip fracture rises with age.

Risk increases because bones tend to weaken with age (osteoporosis). Multiple medications, poor vision and balance problems also make older people more likely to fall — one of the most common causes of hip fracture.

A hip fracture almost always requires surgical repair or replacement, followed by physical therapy

Using a technique of primary prosthetic replacement for osteoporotic hip fractures our patients are encouraged to walk the next day after surgery.

Also known as coxo-femoral bypass, this technique entails immediate mobilization of the patient after surgery thus reducing complications like Bedsores, Pulmonary embolism, Stroke, and chest Infection in the elderly.

May 3, 2020

Coxafemoral Bypass

71 year old lady had a fall in her bathroom and had fracture of her right hip. She was had other medical issues like Diabetes, High […]