Spine Surgery & Back Pain

Our Advanced Spine clinic deals with diagnosis and surgical management of all Adult and Pediatric back pain and spine deformities.

Spine Surgeon

Dr Samir S. Dalvie
Hospital Attachments

  • PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Center,Mahim
  • Laud Clinic,Dadar,Mumbai
  • Breach Candy Hospital,Mumbai

Chairman, AO Spine Indian Subcontinent
Chairman Education, Association of Spine Surgeons of India


Leatherman Spine Centre, Louisville, USA.

Klinikum Karlsbad (Germany) under Prof. Juergen Harms , one of the worlds leading authorities and pioneers on spinal instrumentation.


After return from the UK , Dr Samir Dalvie worked as Associate Professor at KEM Hospital  Bombay Hospital for 10 years with the Spinal Unit managing the entire spectrum of spinal disorders.

He has actively been involved in academic circles , and have been invited as faculty on most national level spinal conferences and workshops in past years.



 Dr  Samir Dalvie  had been working in the Spinal Unit (headed by Dr. V. J. Laheri )of KEM Hospital since 1994, previously as Registrar , as Lecturer since December 1995 and Associate Professor from February 2001 and surgically managed approximately 250 cases per year. I have thus had graded exposure to all the spinal problems presenting to us , resulting in my managing most of the cases independently for the last two years before going to the UK. Problems dealt with include :

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Degenerative : , degenerative Neck& low back problems , including revision surgery .
  3. Tumours requiring decompression and / or stabilization.(Fellowship in Orthopaedic Oncology from TATA Memorial Hospital
  4. Spinal trauma/Fractures
  5. Atlanto-axial pathology.
  6. Spinal deformity .



 Dr Dalvie spent six months as the Liverpool Spine Fellow at The Walton Centre for Neurosurgery with Dr Gordon Findlay learning use of microscope for decompression(Micro-discetomy) and Later at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with Dr John Dorgan learning spinal deformity correction using both anterior and posterior approaches.

He then subsequently spent one year as a GOS/RNOH Spinal Fellow  in London which involved working at two institutes :

  1. Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital(tertiary referral centre for all paediatric problems for the whole of Great Britian) Here they dealt with complex spinal deformity in neuro-muscular and syndromic children.
  2. The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital , Stanmore which was a a tertiary referral centre for entire south of England which dealt with spinal deformity in adults as well as children , spinal tumours ,spine trauma as well as low-back reconstructions.



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Teaching Experience

Undergraduate Teacher , Bombay University : 9 years

Post Graduate teacher for MS (Orthopsaedics) 5 ½ years

Teacher for Fellowship , National Board of Education ( Spine Surgery) : 6 years

Fellowship Mentor : ASSI Spine Fellowship : 5 years

Platinum Faculty : AO Spine

Conferences and Courses Organised
  1. ASSICON 2011 , Mumbai (Organising Secretary)
  2. AO Spine Seminar , Mangalore 2010 (Ed Director)
  3. AO Spine Principles Course , Mumbai , 2009 (Course Chairman)
  4. ICS 2008 (Instructional Course in Spine ) , 2008 , Goa (Organising Secretary)
  5. WIROC 2007 , Mumbai (Organising Secretary)
  6. BOS Advanced and Basic Spine Courses ( 2004 – 2009)